We are a team passionate about building the best, about design, and about helping our clients. These are our core values, ensuring we run our business in a way that benefits each and every person we work with. We believe wholeheartedly that these are the values that have made us a household name in the stable and timber building industry.

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National and quality…
the two mean the same thing

Throughout our website you might see us describing our materials as being of the very highest quality. This isn’t just a soundbite, it’s completely true. Our materials and our construction processes mean that our stables and timber buildings are a cut above the rest.

But how do you know this? Well, there’s one tell-tale sign.

When your timber building is delivered, take a look at the components. What you will see are the names of the people who have checked over your product as it has gone through quality control, ensuring that everything is correct and our strict standards have been met.

We can tell you about the quality of our wood. We can show you our beautiful designs. All these are important, but those little letters signing off the quality of your timber structure are the proof you need that everything is in hand, and your wooden building is going to meet the very highest standards. Quite simply, it won’t get through quality control if it doesn’t.



Contact National Timber Buildings

Contact us to ask any questions about stables, barns and timber structures. Our team are on hand to help.

Call us: 01233 740944
Email us: info@nationalstables.co.uk


Why choose us?

Why do our clients choose us over other stable and timber building companies?
Look no further – here are the answers you need:

A household name.

Our reputation precedes us; so many people now have our stables and timber structures, and they are happy to recommend us. People know the National name, and know it means quality.

A passionate team.

We have excellent staff retention because people love working for us and love what they do. We don’t hire externally – we train and promote the people we already have on board, making us a strong team.


We know exactly what we are doing with timber buildings. We design your building in-house and check you are completely happy with it, giving you any advice you might need. We are experts in our industry.

The highest quality timber.

All our timber is of a naturally high quality and is fully Tanalised® to make sure it will stand the test of time. The tanalising process ensures it will be resistant to fungus and insect infestations.

Thorough quality control.

Every timber building and component is checked…and checked again. Your building goes through so many stages before it even reaches you to make sure it will be perfect and will exceed your expectations.

Buy British

We’re members of Made in Britain guaranteeing you quality bespoke products and services.

Environmental responsibility

All our wood is sustainably sourced and is fifth graded or better, meaning it is of the very highest quality. We ensure we fully comply with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) requirements, and for every tree we use, four are planted to replace it. If you’d like to know anything else about our environmental policy, please ask.