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We care about the environment and have policies in place in our European Mills to ensure our activities do not cause damage. Every single scrap is re-cycled as part of our ‘protect the environment’ initiative. For every tree we take down we plant 4!

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Bespoke design


Our design studio, administration, factory and workshops in Kent are where the National team pride themselves in their abilities unparalleled in our industry.


With state-of-the-art equipment our designers can produce accurate drawings of your proposed Stable, Timber Building or Complex. No matter what your requirements we will make every effort to accommodate you.


We can also supply you with plans for your local council to assist you, should you need to apply for planning permission.


Planning is not normally required for mobile field shelters or mobile stables and we have had some clients combining static buildings with mobile field shelters or stables to increase capacity. This can also be an excellent way of avoiding the delay involved with planning permission, as a mobile field shelter or mobile stable  can be delivered very quickly while you wait for your main stable building, subsequently using the mobile field shelter as extra space.


Over the years we have designed many hundreds of Stables and Timber Buildings, our design team have the knowledge and enthusiasm to produce stunning results - we receive hundreds of letters of praise from satisfied customers every year and everyone in our organisation is committed to keeping up our tradition of quality in both design and build.


If you have ideas that you would like to discuss, give us a call and one of our designers will be more than happy to talk through your options.

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National Stables Philosophy


Our philosophy is simple - to provide you with the highest possible quality of Stables or Timber Buildings at the best possible price by combining the latest in production technology with the traditional values of true craftsmanship.


With an acute awareness in the value of customer care and quality control, our philosophy is one of pure unmitigated effort. Effort to deliver, effort to please and effort to impress, all through paying meticulous attention to detail - Stables or Timber Buildings delivered with honesty and integrity.


Not many industries are enjoying the phenomenal growth presently being experienced in the stable and timber building industry. The challenge in our industry is to harness this demand by delivering excellent service - excellent service in terms of choice, excellent service in terms of customer care and simply excellent service whilst remaining totally flexible, cost-effective and competitive.


The National Stables team are totally committed to pursuing excellence in every possible way - value, quality and efficiency, as a result demand is now hurtling forward unabated.


We invest heavily in training to ensure our Stables and Timber Building sales support staff are knowledgeable, relaxed and responsive. What's more, by utilising absolute cutting edge computer design technology, they have at their disposal the equipment to offer an incomparable service, ensuring you get exactly the right Stable, Mobile Field Shelter, Mobile Stable, American Barn, Oak Garage, Home Office or Bespoke Timber Building for your purpose.


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We reserve the right to change specification and prices without notice.

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