50+ mobile field shelters, Lincolnshire

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Location: Bransby Horses, across their two sites – Bransby and Barlings, in Lincolnshire.

Project: The supply and fit of 50+ mobile field shelters.

Specifications: Over seven years, we have supplied over fifty mobile fields shelters, most recently we installed five brand new mobile field shelters (four triple and one double shelter) at their Lincoln site.

The story: Bransby Horses now cares for approximately one thousand horses, donkeys, ponies, and mules. There are over four hundred equines across their two sites in Lincolnshire (Bransby, which is open to visitors, and Barlings), their highest number ever in their history. Plus, there are over six hundred equines in foster homes around the UK.

National Timber Buildings have been working with Bransby Horses for the last seven years and during that time have built more than fifty mobile field shelters across their sites. We are enthusiastic about building the best, about design, and about helping our clients and this has become even more important during our time working with Bransby.  In recent years (since the Covid pandemic in particular) they have experienced a dramatic increase in the demand for rescue due to financial hardship and lack of education and knowledge around the level of commitment involved when caring for equines.

Nationals Director, Lee Taylor, adds ‘we are delighted to be able to work with and support such a worthwhile charity and we try to always accommodate their needs as efficiently as possible.”