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Mobile field shelters in Berkshire,
by National Stables

Our high-quality mobile field shelters come with strong, galvanised skids and will last for decades.
Ask about our mobile field shelters in Berkshire.

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Mobile field shelters in Berkshire

If you’re looking for mobile field shelters in Berkshire, National is the name you need to know. We make mobile field shelters to the very highest standard, perfect for taking the best care of your horses, livestock and animals.

We’ve been in business for more than 40 years and in that time, we’ve become well acquainted with the challenges customers face. Whether you’re looking for temporary stabling, paddock shelters or you specifically need a moveable shelter option, our quality products offer you the perfect solution. Their mobile nature means planning permission won’t usually be needed, giving you more choice, freedom and flexibility.

Field shelters now also include front guttering as standard.

High quality field shelters
with galvanised skids


Something that sets us apart is the quality of our mobile field shelter skids. Our skids are:

  • Made from steel
  • Fully galvanised
  • Designed to last for 30-40 years
  • Resistant to rust

Galvanisation is not to be confused with Hammerite, plated or painted finishes. Galvanisation ensures reliability over a far longer period of time because it prevents rust, which is why we’re committed to offering it.

During the process, steel is hot-dip galvanised to meet EN ISO 1461 standards. This is performed at a temperature of around 450°C – a neat, smooth finish is then created after the metal solidifies. It’s no wonder your field shelters will last you for decades.

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    Do we install mobile field shelters in your town within Berkshire?

    The answer is that we have probably already installed a mobile field shelter in your town – below is a list of the 20 towns we have most frequently visited in Berkshire.

    Reading Slough Bracknell Maidenhead Wokingham
    Newbury Woodley Windsor Thatcham Sandhurst
    Crowthorne Ascot Twyford Wraysbury Sunninghill
    Burghfield Common Sunningdale Cookham Hungerford Datchet

    The benefits of choosing our mobile
    field shelters for your Berkshire field or

    You can rely on our mobile field shelters for decades. Here are some of the
    features you should understand, along with a description of their main benefits:

    • Adjustable stable door hinges – field shelter maintenance is kept to a minimum (available on mobile stables)
    • 4×2” roof purlins in prefabricated steel joist hangers – more strength, additional wind and snow loading
    • Galvanised, barred stable windows (with sliding Perspex cover) – installed to regulate ventilation through all seasons (available on mobile stables)
    • Roof lining – keeps shelters at a more consistent temperature all year round; makes roofs more sturdy (please note: this is an upgrade available at an additional cost)
    • Heavy-duty, galvanised steel skis – the galvanisation process means you can rely on your shelter’s skis for decades
    • 80x80mm, 3.6mm box section steel, 6mm fully welded restraint cleats – keeps the building above ground level, fully secures the skis
    • 10mm fully welded towing eyes to all four corners – towing can be carried out from either end, and the shelter can be easily staked at its destination
    • Tanalised® timber with shiplap cladding 5th grade or better – this guarantees protection against insect attacks and fungal decay
    • Louvre stable vents – gain protection from wind-driven rain, while maintaining airflow with vents positioned underneath the canopy

    One of the greatest benefits of a mobile field shelter is that it will rarely require planning permission. Please ask for further details – we’ll be happy to advise based on your particular situation.

    Our products are the highest quality around – we know from experience that if you buy cheap, you buy twice. At the same time, we want to cater for all budgets. If you need a lower-cost option, you can opt for a self-assembly shelter and make significant savings, without compromising on quality.

    National Stables – trusted by
    our clients for over 40 years

    We’ve been in business for more than 40 years, offering bespoke mobile field shelters of the very highest quality.
    While we’ve grown in scale, we’re still a family business through and through, with great value placed on customer service and doing what’s right for each individual.

    Our shelters stand the test of time because of the quality processes that go into their construction. We stand out because:


    We use Tanalised® timber and galvanised steel to create quality that will last


    We take care of all parts of the process in house, giving us complete control over quality


    Quality is checked at every stage, so the shelter you receive will be exactly what you’re expecting – or it might just exceed all expectations

    If budget is a primary factor, choose a self-assembly shelter for the same quality at a lower cost.

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    Where we have worked
    throughout Berkshire


    Over the years we have installed mobile field shelters all over Berkshire, including:

    • Hogwood Road, Finch Hamstead
    • Lutmans Haven, Knowl Hill
    • Upper Lambourn, Hungerford
    • Farley Hill
    • Cheekendon
    • Forrest Road, Binfield
    • Mortimer, Reading
    • Kingsclere, Newbury
    • Sandy Lane, Tadley
    • Tutts Clump, Reading
    • Redhatch Drive, Earley, Reading
    • Wellingtonia Avenue, Crowthorne
    • Wilson Close, Newbury
    • Stanford Dingley, Reading
    • Hopgoods Green, Bucklebury, Reading
    • Blandys Lane, Upper Basildon
    • High Street, Newbury
    • Kiln Hill, Upper Basildon

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