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You’ve got a business or passion project that needs more space, but you don’t have the budget to relocate. Our timber workshops in Surrey are the perfect solution. We can create an attractive and functional workshop from high quality materials to meet your requirements and complement your existing property.

National Timber Buildings has over 35 years of experience creating beautiful bespoke timber workshops and buildings that perfectly suit their surroundings while providing all the features you need to get on with your work or hobbies without distraction.

Call 01233 740944 or send an email to [email protected] to talk to our expert team about the timber workshops we can design and build in Surrey.

Designed to meet your needs – bespoke timber
workshops in Surrey

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When searching for timber workshops in Surrey, you may find that prebuilt options don’t quite meet your needs. You need a workshop that is designed specifically to meet your specifications and can be built to suit your unique requirements.

Our team will make sure the right design elements are incorporated into your wooden timber workshop so that it meets all your expectations from start to finish. We want our clients to leave with a building they love, and we take pride in making this happen for each project that comes through our doors. You can trust us when searching for timber workshops in Surrey because we have years of experience designing and building bespoke buildings just like yours.

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Do we build timber workshops in your town within Surrey?

We have been building timber workshops in Surrey for years and we can help you find the perfect option for your property. Our team has built hundreds of timber workshops across the county, so we’re confident that we will be able to meet your need. Here is a list of the towns we have most frequently visited in Surrey.


The benefits of our timber
workshops in Surrey

National Timber Buildings has been creating beautiful wooden buildings in Surrey for over 35 years and we’ve got everything covered when it comes to designing and constructing high-quality timber workshops that will last. Our wooden structures are built to resist issues such as sagging roofs or rotting woodwork so that their lifespan can be extended. We’ll work closely with you every step of the way so that we understand exactly what you want out of our service. If you’ve been wanting to build your own timber workshop from scratch, partner with us to put our skills to good use and bring your vision to life.

Call 01233 740944 or send an email to [email protected] to talk to our expert team about the timber workshops we offer in Surrey.

A quality construction process for timber workshops in Surrey

We have put a lot of effort into improving the standard of construction we deliver for our clients. By using traditional methods and modern materials we can ensure that you will get a high-quality building that lasts. Therefore, so many people choose us for their timber workshop in Surrey needs!

Our team has over 35 years’ experience working on wooden workshops across Surrey. We use only premium materials to construct your new workshop, ensuring it stands out from the crowd when it comes to quality construction in this area. Contact us today if you would like more information about our services!

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35+ years’ experience producing
timber workshops in Surrey

Our team of experts has more than 35 years’ experience building timber buildings in Surrey and we want to help our customers avoid common mistakes by using our expertise to ensure timber workshop construction projects proceed smoothly.

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Industry-leading products.

Our timber workshops are made from quality components including Tanalised® timber which ensures they’re built to last in any environment or climate conditions. All this means you can enjoy your workshop for years without needing costly repairs or replacements, so it pays off!

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Quality control.

Our team of experts has developed a comprehensive quality control plan that will ensure every aspect of your workshop construction goes smoothly from start to finish. You won’t have to worry about anything because our specialists will take care of everything!

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Our company is different because we build everything ourselves in our own workshop here in Surrey. This means we can control every stage of production from design through to completion – ensuring the highest quality products.

National Timber Buildings

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Please get in touch if there is anything you would like to know about timber workshops. We have an expert team on hand who will be happy to answer all your questions.

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    Where in Surrey and the surrounding areas have we installed timber workshops


    Over the years we have installed timber workshops all over Surrey, including:

    • Redhill Road, Cobham
    • Tilt Road, Cobham
    • Howell Hill Grove, Ewell
    • Sandhills Lane, Virginia Water
    • Broadbridge Lane, Smallfield
    • Bunce Common Road, Leigh
    • Guildford
    • Effingham Common Road, Effingham
    • Glasshouse Lane, Kirdford
    • Church Lane Hooley, Coulsdon
    • Leatherhead Road, Oxshot
    • Carshalton Road, Banstead
    • Tilford Road, Hindhead
    • Bookham Road, Downside Cobham
    • Pasturewood Road, Holmbury St Mary, Dorking
    • Lyne Lane, Virginia Water
    • Egham
    • Bletchingley, Redhill
    • Sparrow Row, Chobham
    • Tilford Road, Churt
    • New Haw, Addlestone
    • Union Lane, Kingsclere, Newbury
    • Shellwood Road, Leigh
    • Chessington Road, Ewell
    • Guildford Road, Wotton, Dorking
    • Warbury Lane, Woking
    • Westcott Road, Dorking
    • Picketts Lane, Redhill
    • Penwith Drive, Haslemere
    • Westcott Street, Westcott
    • Tower Road, Hindhead
    • Bagshot Green, Bagshot
    • Harps Oak Lane, Merstham, Redhill
    • Peaslake, Guildford
    • Haroldslea Drive, Horley
    • Dawes Court, Esher
    • Housemill Lane, Byfleet
    • Westcott Street, Westcott