As the hub of a field shelter or stable, a well-planned out, easy to access tack room is essential. With lots of visitors coming and going, grabbing equipment, or putting away riding gear, it is important to get things super organised to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of all your equestrian goodies. A well-run tack room saves you time, prevents damage to your gear, and creates a safer environment for both you and your horses. Here’s a step-by-step guide to tack room storage:

1. Empty the space:

Start by removing all items from the tack room. This will give you a blank canvas to work with and allow you to clean the space thoroughly.

2. Clean and repair:

Before organising, clean the tack room thoroughly. Sweep, mop, and dust the space. Check for any repairs that might be needed, such as broken hooks, shelves, or racks.

3. Sort and declutter:

Categorise your equestrian equipment into groups. Common categories include saddles, bridles, grooming supplies, blankets, boots, and miscellaneous items. As you sort, set aside items that are no longer in use or are in poor condition. Consider donating, selling, or disposing of these items.

4. Prioritise accessibility:

Place frequently used items within easy reach. Items like grooming supplies, halters, and lead ropes should be easily accessible, while items like seasonal blankets can be stored higher up.

5. Storage solutions:

  • Saddle racks: Invest in sturdy saddle racks to store your saddles. Ensure they are at an appropriate height to avoid causing damage to the saddle.
  • Bridle hooks: Use hooks to hang bridles and halters. To prevent tangling, hang each bridle separately and keep the hooks evenly spaced.
  • Shelving units: Adjustable shelving units are excellent for storing grooming supplies, boots, and other small items. Use clear bins or baskets to keep smaller items organised within the shelves.
  • Blanket bars: Install blanket bars or racks to hang and store horse blankets. Folding blankets over the bars prevents creasing and maintains their shape.
  • Tack lockers: Large tack lockers are ideal for storing multiple items in one place. These can also double as seating or work surfaces.
  • Pegboards: Install pegboards on the walls to hang frequently used tools and small items like brushes, hoof picks, and braiding supplies.

6. Labelling:

Use labels to identify each storage area. This makes it easier to find items and helps others know where things belong.

7. Safety first:

Store potentially hazardous items like medications, cleaning chemicals, and sharp tools out of reach of both humans and animals.

8. Adequate ventilation:

Ensure proper ventilation in the tack room to prevent mould growth on leather items. If possible, avoid storing tack in a damp or humid environment.

9. Tack cleaning area:

Dedicate a space within the tack room or nearby for cleaning and maintaining your equipment. Hang hooks for cleaning tools, have a saddle stand for easy maintenance, and keep cleaning supplies within reach.

10. Regular maintenance:

Tack room organisation is an ongoing process. Set aside time periodically to reevaluate and reorganise as needed. Remove items that are no longer needed and adjust storage solutions based on changing needs.

11. Locking mechanism:

If your tack room is accessible to others, consider installing locks to secure valuable equipment and prevent unauthorised access.

12. Emergency equipment:

Keep a well-stocked first aid kit in the tack room in case of minor injuries to horses or humans.

Remember that the layout and organisation of a tack room can be tailored to your specific needs and available space. Regular maintenance and a commitment to keeping the space ship-shape will help ensure that your equestrian gear remains in good condition and readily available when you need it.

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