If you are investing in a new stable block, or extending an existing one, you will know that choosing a design and layout that works both for you (and your horse(s)) is not just exciting, it is important too. Naturally, you will need to design a stable that is suited to the amount of land you have available, the number of horses you have, and the finances you have set aside for the build. However, there are additional things we recommend taking into consideration as well, which we will cover in this article.

At National Timber Buildings, we can custom design any stable block layout that your budget, need or preferred style demands. Whether it is a small novice stable or a large 20+ unit site from our Cheltenham Gold or National Stable ranges, we have 40+ years’ experience as a household name in stables and can meet your needs. We will even help advise you on getting planning permission and on any foundation work that might be required.

In the meantime, here are some stable layouts that we work with regularly, as well as some key design and location points that you may want to consider before you decide on your final stable block structure.

Decide on stable block features and ancillary buildings

Ensuring you have all the features and ancillary buildings you need from the get-go will not only make your time at the stables easier when the structure is complete but will also help you decide which design layout would be most suited to your needs. For example, will you need hay barns, tack rooms, washdown rooms, or drying kits? If so, will one tack or wash room be enough? What about mobile field shelters and office facilities? When you know what you need and want, you will be able to decide if you can achieve it with the budget and space you have available.

Stable location

If you have limited space to play with, you may have little choice in where your stable block should reside. However, if space is not an issue, we recommend customers focus on access, services (water and electricity), and the prevailing wind when deciding on the perfect location for their stable. Once you have found a spot for your stable that works in terms of practicality and weather, think about access and services. Imagine yourself in the depths of winter when you do this – mud, rain, and freezing conditions will make everything more challenging if you have not thought through the location well. Access to grazing, distance from the muck heap, closeness to a water/electricity supply, and sufficient drainage are all things that will make your life at the yard much simpler and enjoyable, particularly during the winter months.

More details on choosing the perfect stable location and stable size for your requirements can be found here.

L-shaped stable block

Our customers tend to love L-shaped blocks primarily because they work well for smaller stables and can be positioned to protect from the wind. They are the perfect choice for horse owners who want to include a tack room, feed area, or hay barn within their block as either end of the block can have extra units added to it over time. The L design also means viewing and access to all areas of the stable can be easily achieved.

U-shaped stable block

If you have several horses to accommodate, a U-shaped stable will help to make the day-to-day comings and goings at the yard much more efficient and easier to manage. Naturally, you will need to have plenty of available land to lay foundations, so a U block may not be possible if space is limited. However, aside from being able to fit in all your requirements, a U-shaped block will provide optimum protection from the elements and will create a layout where horses (and their owners) can socialise with each other. A washing area, hay storage, tack rooms, feeding rooms, are all easy to incorporate into this stable design. For ultimate paddock appeal, you may even decide to enclose your U-shaped stable block to create a prestigious stable with a standout arched entrance. After all, first impressions are everything!

Straight line stable block design

This is a straightforward design layout and one of our most requested stable block designs. It is well suited to owners of small private yards and those who house multiple animals and space.

E-shaped stable block design

If you are a big commercial yard that needs distinct separated areas with some shared, central facilities, then an E-shaped block could be the right option for you. For example, some customers want to keep their stables, tack rooms, and hay stores separate from their workshop, offices, or accommodation, but still have everything nearby. An E-shaped block would be a helpful solution to this conundrum.

Planning permission for stables

The need for planning permission to build a stable block will depend on whether the stables fit within the permitted development criteria for your local area. In our experience, building a permanent equestrian structure such as stables of field shelter will require planning permission.

Find out more about the planning permission process for stables.

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