External cladding does not just improve the aesthetic appearance of a building it also adds a layer of protection against the elements. Fundamentally, cladding is a set of prefabricated panels attached to the structure of the building, but there are several different cladding types to choose from, and shiplap is one of them. Tongue and groove, and weatherboard/overlapping are other popular types of cladding used in construction.

Shiplap cladding is a traditional style of timber cladding with an interlocking edge detail that creates a waterproof frontage, as well as a smooth finish. The wooden panels overlap in such a way that they create a flat surface. Each wooden board has overlapping lips that interlock, allowing water to run off as well as providing good protection against draughts.

We typically use shiplap cladding for our timber structures for extra protection from the elements, and for the extra security and strength it provides. Plus, shiplap is, in our opinion, the most visually appealing finish for timber outbuildings. All our timber is tanalised® (pressure treated to help preserve the wood), protecting it from decay, rot and warping to ensure your structure lasts you for many decades.

Shiplap cladding

Here are some of our recent projects that boast shiplap cladding

Weatherboard cladding, sometimes known as featheredge cladding, is overlapping timber. This style features a tapered board that is layered with the thicker end over the narrower end, meaning that at points on the wall there are two layers of cladding.

The overlapping of the boards enables rainwater to run off easily.

Weatherboard cladding

Here are some of our recent projects that boast weatherboard cladding:

All our timber cladding here at National Timber Buildings is of a naturally high quality and has been pressure treated using Tanalith® E wood preserve treatment to make sure it will stand the test of time. The tanalising process ensures the wood will be resistant to fungus and insect infestations.

As a household name in the industry, we have built an experienced and passionate team with a respected reputation. Every timber building and component is checked thoroughly to make sure your finished product is perfect. Plus, we are proud members of Made in Britain guaranteeing you excellent, bespoke products and services. If you want high quality boards for a custom designed and made outbuilding, you know where we are. 01233 740 944.

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