DIY field shelter and build your own kits

Save up to 10% by choosing to ‘self-assemble’ your stable or field shelter. 

Our DIY field shelters, stables and other timber buildings can all be flat packed and ready for you to build yourself easily and quickly.

Why might I need more field shelters for winter?

When cold weather kicks in, it’s natural to consider cost-effective ways to keep your beloved horses warm. During winter, many horse owners require additional field shelters to safeguard their horses from the harsh weather conditions. These shelters offer essential protection against cold temperatures, rain, snow, and biting winds, ensuring that the horses remain warm and dry.

In winter, natural forage becomes scarce, making it necessary for owners to provide supplementary feed. Field shelters serve as a dry space for horses to consume their food, preventing exposure to the elements. Moreover, these shelters prevent horses from standing in muddy areas, which can lead to hoof problems and skin issues due to the wet and muddy conditions prevalent in winter. Additionally, having a sheltered area facilitates regular monitoring of the horses’ health, enabling owners to detect and address any illnesses or injuries promptly.

Furthermore, during cold spells, field shelters play a vital role in reducing stress among horses. Constant exposure to cold and wet conditions can lead to heightened stress levels, adversely impacting their well-being. Having access to a sheltered space provides horses with a safe and stress-free environment, promoting their overall mental and physical health. Additionally, these shelters are crucial for pregnant mares and young foals, who are especially vulnerable to cold weather. The shelters offer a secure space for foaling and rearing, ensuring the safety and comfort of both the mares and their offspring.

Cost-effective stable and field shelter options for horse owners on a budget.

Whether you are:

  • navigating economic challenges,
  • acquiring new horses,

expanding your horse herd,

  • rehabilitating horses,
  • needing a temporary or seasonal shelter, of simply
  • preparing for harsh weather conditions,

you may be trying to find a shelter solution that is both effective and affordable without compromising on quality?

Look no further!  We can flat any of our stable ranges, field shelters and timber buildings in kit form so you can benefit from our quality materials and craftmanship but construct the structure yourself.

Whether you are from the trade or you are just great at DIY and you are looking for something of a very high quality, our DIY field shelter kits cover all bases, and they’re excellent value for money as well. You’ll love the finished result, and you will love the process – we supply everything you need in easy kit form to make assembly as easy as possible and saving tons of time and money.

Building your own stables or field shelter

When you order a DIY option from National Timber Buildings, we aim to ensure the assembly of your new building is as straight forward as possible.

We design and manufacture all components at our workshop in Baddlesmere and we ensure:

  • Your building comes complete, flat packed, and ready for assembly.
  • All the wall panels are pre-clad and ready to bolt down.
  • Doors come with all the necessary ironmongery.
  • Clear and easy-to-follow self-assembly guidelines are included.
  • Your kit will be ready for collection on the agreed date, from out Kent workshop. We can deliver but will come at a charge if outside our specified area. Please contact a member of the sales team for our competitive delivery charges.

Timber buildings available for self-assembly

  • Field shelters
  • Mobile field shelters
  • All stable ranges
  • Oak front barns
  • Carriage houses
  • Garages & workshops
  • Leisure rooms, pool houses, summer houses and garden rooms
  • Timber framed houses and home offices
  • Club pavilions
  • Hay barns
  • Carports
  • Gazebos and annexes.

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