The benefits of using LED lighting in garden offices

Persisting trends for flexible and home working have sparked many people to create an office space that works for their bespoke needs. Therefore, it has been no surprise that people have looked to their garden as the ideal solution to finding a practical homeworking space. We have previously explored the benefits of building a bespoke insulated garden office and in this article we focus specifically on how you will benefit from incorporating LED lighting within your garden office design.

Sustained productivity

It is well known that surroundings and interior design have a direct impact on our subconscious, contributing to our emotions and perceptions. There is a part of our brains that reacts to the geometry of the space we occupy and, therefore, nailing a great workspace interior will positively impact our mental health and productivity while working.

The best light for stimulating productivity is natural light. Your body’s circadian clock (body clock) responds to light as a signal to be awake, so having lots of exposure to natural light during the day will increase your alertness, reduce stress, and promote positivity and efficiency while in the office. Having an office in the garden is great for accessing natural sunlight. However, we understand that constant or suitable levels of natural light are not always attainable, especially during the winter months when it’s dark by 4pm.

LED lighting can mirror natural light in lots of ways to keep you working at your peak without disturbing your natural body rhythm. LEDs provide much brighter, more natural-looking light and can be controlled to adjust lighting intensity throughout the day to reflect the natural change of sunlight.

Including smart LED lighting in a garden office environment will ensure you stay at the peak of your mental capacity and, because lighting impacts our mood and feelings, they will help you feel positive and lifted.

Improved energy efficiency

There are many benefits to working at home, but one downside is using and paying for more energy. The running costs of LED lighting are significantly lower than alternative lighting forms and can last up to twenty times longer than standard forms of lighting such as incandescent or halogen lamps.

According to, because of their high lumen output per watt LEDs are capable of turning about 70% of their energy into light. This makes them much more efficient than other bulbs, which waste a lot of energy by turning it into heat. It only takes a 6-watt LED bulb to produce the amount of light that a 40-watt incandescent one does, and their lower temperature also makes them safer to operate. Because LEDs waste extraordinarily little energy on heat, they concentrate electricity on the production of light which makes them last much longer.

Kinder to the planet

Let’s face it, becoming more environmentally friendly should be a priority for us all. Greenhouse gas emissions associated with LED lights are considerably lower than conventional incandescent or fluorescent lights. By using LEDs in your garden office, you will be leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Fluorescent tube lights can be very harmful to the environment, as they contain toxic chemicals and elements, including mercury. This means that, when disposed of in landfill sites, these toxic elements can leak out and contaminate the environment; therefore, they need to be disposed of by specialist waste carriers.

LEDs on the other hand are non-toxic. They contain no hazardous materials – no mercury, no lead, no glass – which makes LEDs 100% more recyclable and much safer for the environment. Plus, as LEDs consume less power per unit, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and carbon dioxide output is kept low. By using LED lighting in your garden room, you are not only cutting utility costs, but you are giving something back to the environment too.

Last longer

As we have already touched upon, LEDs waste little energy on heat and, therefore, they concentrate electricity usage on producing light which makes them last a long time. LEDs are also physically strong due the sturdy materials and components from which they are made. Their durability makes them a versatile light that can be used to meet the demands of diverse types of workspaces, plus, LEDs contain no filament. Without a filament, there is no danger of breaking one! LEDs can also withstand much more physical shock during operation, compared with alternative forms of lighting, meaning there will be no shattered glass or interrupted lighting to contend with.

No flickering

Flickering lights can take their toll on your health, particularly for people that suffer from migraines and headaches. Headaches triggered from a work environment can lead to a lack of productivity. Quality LEDs will not flicker and can actually help reduce headaches due to their lighting output’s similarity to natural light.

Create amazing aesthetics

It’s all well and good having office lighting that delivers practically and efficiently, but aesthetics are important for productivity too. If your lighting does not complement your office’s style and interiors, you will not enjoy working in that environment. It is particularly important if you will be having meetings within your garden office, whereby first impressions will be important. Well placed and thought-out LED lighting is a fantastic way to present your workspace to visitors and clients. Achieving the perfect ambience and working environment is important for moral, comfort and efficient working.

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