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If there is one thing that businesses excel at when facing turbulent times, it’s diversifying and adapting in order to survive – a skill that has was widely proved during the Covid-19 pandemic. The lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 forced many business owners to enter the remote world of working for the first time or increase the number of employees working from home.

For many, this will have been a welcome requirement, particularly for those commuting into London from the home counties and paying a small fortune in travel every year (a season ticket from Faversham, Kent into a London terminal for example, would currently set you back £5,196 a year and that doesn’t even include underground travel).   If you are reading this and nodding your head, you may be considering making working from home a permanent full or part-time move?  In which case, the National’s team can offer you an ideal solution that allows you to wave goodbye to your costly Kent commute to London.

Our beautiful, bespoke carriage houses for Kent homeowners are locally made, two storey outbuildings that are crafted by us for your specific needs. They are the ideal solution for adding affordable, workspace detached from your property and are pretty much guaranteed to add to the value of your home.

The carriage houses are made up of two floors allowing you to enjoy an office space on the first floor with the ground floor suited to storage or meeting space.  Maybe, you prefer the ground floor for your working environment and use the first floor as an extra living/relaxation area?  Whatever, your plan, we can work with you to design a layout that works best for you.   We can also include numerous special features to enhance the look and practicality of the building.

Reducing your travel expenses and a lengthy timewasting commute are not the only benefits reaped from a home office investment…

Benefits of working from home.

  • An improved work-life balance as you spend less time commuting and more time with family and friends.
  • Boosted morale and improved productivity. Less chat and fewer interruptions can boost productivity levels. Achieving more without working for longer is a great boost to morale.
  • Working from home enables you to set up your workspace exactly how you like it. When working in the office, you do not have a choice in your work environment.  Noisy colleagues, other people’s phone conversations, mobile, beeps and unwelcome air conditioning blasting out 24/7 can all impact your productivity.  At home, you can set up your office exactly how you like it.
  • You are truly independent. This is much more than just the benefit of getting to work in your loungewear.  Working from home means you will learn to rely on self-motivation, self-discipline, focus, and concentration.  You will also become a great communicator too.
  • Save time and money. As we have already mentioned, a home office can save you a fortune in travel and free-up many hours previously lost to commuting.

Why should I choose a wooden home office?

There are many benefits to choosing wood for your home office. Natural materials such as wood, brings interest, balance, and warmth to your interior and replicates the effects of spending time outside in a natural environment.  Bringing a little of the outdoors in will help to create a sense of calm.

Thanks to the superior insulation and timber we use, your office will be kept cooler in the summer months and warmer throughout winter.  Being comfortable when working will help you stay focussed and be as productive as possible.

We will ensure that your timber carriage house sits comfortable alongside your property and complements its style, whether traditional, modern, or contemporary.  We can even guide you through your planning application.  If you want to bid farewell to your commute and say hello to a home office, we’d love to chat with you. With over 40 years in the business, we would be delighted to design and build a two-storey carriage house that perfectly meets your needs for many years to come.

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