Horse stable costs in the UK: The lowdown


Equine owners and carers naturally want to provide the best shelter possible for their beloved animals to keep them safe and well during severe weather as well as resting comfortably when they need to recover. A well designed and erected stable will help meet all a horse’s needs, plus, owners/carers will benefit from plenty of storage for all the equipment and accessories that come with owning a horse. Owners will also rest assured that such expensive equipment will be locked away from potential intruders who may even be deterred from trying to enter such a well-built, secure structure in the first place. With all that in mind, if you are thinking of buying a horse, you may be wondering what the typical costs of owning a horse or building a stable block, look like?

In this article, we explore how much you’ll need to budget for if you are looking to build a bespoke stable, how much it costs to house a horse at a stable yard, and how you can build your own stable without compromising on quality.

How much does it cost to build a stable in the UK?

As household names in the timber building and stable manufacturing world, we specialise in designing and crafting timber structures bespoke for you and your equine’s needs. Whether you want a U-shaped or L-shaped block, extra storage in the tack room, benches in the yard, seating areas as far from muck heaps as possible, or extra windows, just tell us what you need to achieve, and we can make it happen.

Building bespoke means that we customise our extensive range of stables to your exact requirements, and therefore, we cannot share a one-size-fits-all price with you as the build cost of a stable depends on the specifications, materials and finishes chosen by the customer. However, here are price details for our entry, mid and top end stable ranges to give you an idea of what you would expect to pay and budget for:

Novice stable range prices

  • Loose box units – from £2,050
  • Corner units – from £2,420
  • Tack rooms – from £1,040
  • Integral hay barns – from £1,350

Our Novice range would be ideal for smaller horses up to 16 hands and makes the perfect first stable. Fear not, if you find you need a bigger stable with additional features later down the line, you can easily add or develop your Novice boxes. Just let us know and we can create new plans based on the stables we have already installed for you.


The National stable range prices

  • Loose box units – from £2,470
  • Corner units – from £3,170
  • Tack rooms – from £1,320
  • Integral hay barns – from £1,870
  • Archways – from £4,950
  • Canopies – from £495 

Our National stables are our mid-range that are suitable for horses up to 16 hands. This stable is a popular choice among non-professionals, but those who are well established within the equestrian niche. We can design and create a whole stable complex just for you, that will make your day-to-day life that little bit easier for you and your horses. If you already have a Novice stable, we can upgrade to a National one if your circumstances change over time! The National range is our most popular collection.

The Cheltenham Gold stable range prices

  • Loose box units – from £4,130
  • Corner units – from £4,450
  • Tack rooms – from £2,020
  • Integral hay barns – from £2,380
  • Archways – from £6,100
  • Canopies – from £645

If you want the crème de la crème of stables, opt for the Cheltenham Gold range. It’s the best on the market for a high-quality, sectional timber stable that is going to last, you will not find better than this range. The walls are at least five inches thick, with half-inch thick ply on the inside and 22mm cladding on the outside- the kind of cladding used on a house, so you know horses will be supper cosy inside. If you are a professional stable user and you know exactly what you want from your structure, this will certainly ‘wow’ you!

Bespoke wooden stables will have a higher upfront cost, but long-term it is more cost-effective than renting a stable or having to replace temporary stables.

High quality materials are important

We never compromise on the quality of our timber. Our stables and timber buildings are:

  • Tanalised®
  • Galvanised
  • Bespoke
  • Traditionally made
  • Quality checked

Our quality never falters.


How much is it to stable a horse in the UK?

Horses are extraordinary creatures to be around, but it’s no secret that while beautiful, they can be remarkably expensive to look after!

According to the, a recent BETA survey highlighted that during 2019, owners spent an average of £2,652 (£221 per month) on livery or £1,498 (£125 per month) on grazing.

Costs of keeping your horse at a livery yard will obviously depend on the location, the facilities and needs you require. Plus, there are several types of livery available such as:

  • Grass livery can cost you anywhere between £80 to £200 per month dependent on the type of care required.
  • DIY livery (meaning you pay just to hire the stable/field and you are responsible for everything else) can be anywhere in the region of £120 to £300 per month.
  • Full livery can cost from £400 to £600 per month.
  • Competition livery costs can escalate to £12,000 a month plus. This level of service is typically required for horses that compete. The cost will reflect the manager’s expertise, ability, and the facilities on offer. This type of livery offers your horse schooling and grooming services and will keep your horse or pony in great shape ready to contend.

All livery costs, no matter the type, will vary depending on where the stable yard is based.

If you are lucky enough to have your horse stabled at home, or you are practicing DIY livery elsewhere, then there are plenty of other costs to take into consideration too.

Here are some average costs collated by will provide you with an idea of the maintenance costs involved when caring for horses:

  • Hay – around £10 a week. Stabled horses need hay all year round to compensate for the lack of grass
  • Straw or shavings for stable bedding – around £10 a week.
  • Feeds – around £5 to £10 a week. This cost will depend the type and size of horse, exercise regime, whether the horse is fully stabled or feeding on grass etc.
  • Vets’ fees and insurance – annual vaccinations can add up and cost around £70 a year each (including call out charge). Horse insurance is important in the event of illness or accident, otherwise you could be looking at costs adding up to thousands of pounds.
  • Farrier costs – horses need treatment from the farrier every six weeks, and this can cost up to £25 – £30 for trimming and balancing and £50 – £85 for shoeing (per visit).
  • Dental check-ups – just like us horses need a check-up every year which can be around £50-£70 a go. Plus, treatment costs if required.
  • Worming – regular worming is important to prevent serious illness. This costs in the region of £10-£15 each time your horse requires treatment.
  • Unforeseen costs involved for horse owners – there will always be things that crop up such as tack and rugs, or you will need extra feed, extra veterinary attention etc. Budget at least £1,000 to cover any additional costs or surprise expenses.

Source: costs taken from

Low cost stable options

If you are working to a smaller budget, check out our blog on how to build cheap stables, it will provide you with great value options that do not compromise on quality or longevity.

Is wood strong enough for a long-lasting stable?

Absolutely! All our quality, sustainably sourced wood has been pressure treated to prevent fungus growth and insect attack. We use minimum grade C16 timbers for framing and rafters and shiplap cladding that is 5th grade or better. We believe in using quality materials to promote longevity. If well-maintained there is no reason our structures cannot last a lifetime. Plus, wood is a natural and renewable material – it doesn’t get better than that!

Whether you require a smaller build from our Novice range, bespoke field shelter, American barns, or our crème de la crème Cheltenham Gold range, we can design and manufacture beautiful equestrian buildings that will last a lifetime. Check out a full stable range and prices.