Choosing the right front door for a horse stable, is not just about enhancing the aesthetics of your horse’s home. Having high quality and reliable stable doors installed will provide easy access, security, and are extremely effective at providing plentiful barn ventilation. Having doors in your stable is vital for letting out hot, air during the summer to keep fresh air constantly circulating.  They also trap warm air in during the winter when you need to keep your equines warm and comfortable. In this blog, we’re going to answer some of the commonly asked questions regarding horse stable door size.

Horse stable door width

According to The British Horse Society:

Stable doors should be a minimum of 1.25 metres (48”) wide.

Stable doors should open outwards or slide across.  It is vital that they can fasten shut securely to help ensure a horse doesn’t escape or injure themselves if attempting to do so. Depending on the design you opt for, a stable door can be fastened with both a top and bottom bolt (a kick bolt).

Here at National Timber Buildings, horse stable doors complementing our Novice, National, and Grand National ranges (as well as our Tack room doors) are all crafted 48” wide as standard.  Barn doors are crafted 84” wide.

Horse stable door height

Stable door height will depend on the size of your horse or pony, and the size of your equestrian building. Typically, the height of a horse stable door and roof should allow your horse or pony to look out with their head comfortably over the door. Stall doors with an opening for the horse to stick his head out are a particularly great feature in private barns where the horses all know each other.  It allows them to socialise with the other horses and express natural behaviours with them.  It also offers great visual stimulation for them.

Our blog on planning a horse stable provides all the minimum stable sizes as recommended by The British Horse Society. Together with the height and size of your equine, you should be able to decide which height stable door will suit your equines needs the best.

Our range of horse stable doors for sale offer the following heights:

  • Novice range stable doors: 81” high (overall – lower door height is 51”)
  • National range stable doors: 81” high (lower door height 51”)
  • Grand National range stable doors: 92” high (lower door height 51”) (Suitable for horses over 16.2hh)
  • Tack room doors 81” high
  • Barn doors 81” high

What about field shelter doors?
Again door height will depend on the size and height of your horse and the size and height of your shelter.  We offer 18-, 24- or 36-foot shelters here at Nationals.

If you are looking to buy a horse stable door, the team at Nationals would be happy to talk through your requirements. We understand how to create practical and aesthetically pleasing doors for horse stables that are perfect for you and your horses, and our stable doors are an excellent addition to new and existing equestrian buildings and facilities alike. Whether you are looking for a new stable door, or a door for field shelters or American barns, we can help. View our high-quality horse stable doors for sale for full specification details and prices. Still have questions? Not a problem…just give us a call and we’ll chat them through 01233 740 944.

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