Working in the stables arena makes it impossible for us not to love horses. In the 40 years that we have been working in the horsey world we have come to understand why they are such special creatures. Via the customers we have worked with, we have seen how communicative horses can be in social settings – with both humans and other horses, as well as the strong bond that can develop between a horse and his owner. Horses can display a surprisingly broad range of emotions and omit a truly magnificent aura when you spend time with them.

November 16th marks World Horse Appreciation Day. With this in mind, we thought that many of our horsey friends would want to do something nice for their beloved equines to mark the occasion. Here are a few simple ideas to help inspire you:

Utilise leftover pumpkins

At this time of year, pumpkins are easy to come by and luckily, they make a fun and healthy treat for horses too. Orange pumpkins, including the seeds, are perfectly safe to give to horses as a treat. As with all treats though, don’t let them overindulge too much! Our helpful pumpkin dos and don’ts will help you decipher how much to feed them and how.

If your horse isn’t keen on eating pumpkin, try putting a whole pumpkin in their stall instead for them to play with. They will appreciate the toy addition when they are stabled.

Homemade horse treats

Nothing beats a homemade gift to show how much you care. Click here for some easy horse treat recipes to get you started.

If you are not into baking, why not simply pop out for some sugar free mints. Horses love them. In fact, in addition to being tasty, they are beneficial for their digestive tract and lungs too. Plus, they will have minty fresh breath when you cuddle them! Feed them by hand for some extra special bonding time, he will love the extra attention.

Purchase a new toy

There are lots of toys for horses on the market, but we prefer toys that will stimulate and entertain a horse, especially now that they will be spending more time stabled during the winter months.

For some homemade boredom breaker toy ideas click here. You will be able to choose one that complements the personality of your horse the best. Our favourite is making ice blocks with bits of carrot or apple inside, so he can enjoy breaking and eating them. Fun for hours!

If you want to keep things simple but effective, show your appreciation by spending a little extra time with your horses than usual. Go on a nice hack, enjoy extra grooming time, or allow them some extra play time with their pals! We would love to hear how you share the love on World Horse Appreciation Day (November 16th, 2022) so, be sure to follow our social posts, and we look forward to seeing your comments and likes:

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