Mobile Field Shelters

Buy online, for self-assembly, and make significant savings

Benefit from significant savings by completing the installation yourself, and if you are based in the Home Counties we will deliver for free.

The materials used and workmanship remain exactly the same as if we were completing the installation, by assembling it yourself you save the labour cost of installation.

10 foot range

10ft x 12ft | £1,700+vatView
10ft x 18ft | £2,170+vatView
10ft x 22ft | £2,610+vatView
10ft x 24ft | £2,750+vatView
10ft x 36ft | £3,970+vatView

12 foot range

12ft x 12ft | £1,830+vatView
12ft x 18ft | £2,350+vatView
12ft x 22ft | £2,670+vatView
12ft x 24ft | £3,170+vatView
12ft x 36ft | £4,370+vatView

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