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1. What is your delivery time from order?

Usually delivery and installation take around 5 to 6 weeks although this can increase to 7 weeks during the summer months.

2. Can I view a building prior to purchase?

We have a show site at our premises in mid-Kent and also many satisfied customers who are more than happy to allow a viewing at their home in your area. Please contact us if you would like us to arrange a viewing.

3. Do I need to paint the outside of my new building?

Ideally, yes. Whilst all materials we use are pressure treated we recommend a clear water shield to protect against the sun and rain. The only further maintenance required is to clear gutters and roof corrugations of debris after every winter.

4. How long should my building last?

Providing a proper base is laid and regularly maintained your building will last over 30 years.

5. Do you offer ground works?

No. We ask you to contact local builders as this will prove to be more cost effective and easier to manage. We provide all the details and dimensions required for your appointed builder.

6. Do you charge for delivery and erection?

Other than for mobile buildings, which you can opt to self-erect, our prices include installation. We do charge for delivery depending on your area. Please contact a member of the sales team for our competitive delivery charges.

7. What makes you better than your competition?

A very good question. Quite simply, we offer the best value for money without compromising on quality. We buy in the best materials within the industry – such as redwood cladding graded 5 or better – and offer pressure treatment to all our timbers. We own our freehold so do not have to pass expensive overheads for rent onto our valued customers. We have been a household name for over 30 years and are proud to have had our MD with us since the beginning. We have 1000s of testimonials from our customers.

8. I need to apply for planning permission, how can you assist me?

This is our most frequently asked question. At National we offer full drawings and elevations for your proposed building, free of charge. We will ask for a deposit, however, of 10% of the gross value which is fully refundable should you be refused planning permission. Drawings are made available to you within 3 working days.

9. You have just installed a mobile shelter for my neighbour, and I’d like one too. She told me planning permission is not needed. Is this correct?

Your neighbour is correct. Due to the towability, or portability, of the building planning permission is not usually required. There may be restrictions, however, if the building is to be erected within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or conservation area. We strongly recommend you seek advice from your local planning office.

10. Do I need planning permission to install one of your home offices in my garden?

This will depend on a number of things. See the main criteria below for help.

You have permitted development rights which allow you to build within the curtilage of your garden when complying with the following:

  • The new building cannot take up more than 50% of the garden area and not exceed more than 30m2 in size.
  • Must not be higher than 2.5m if erected within 2m of any boundary.
  • Must not exceed 4m in height if erected more than 2m from any boundary.
  • The building must not be positioned between the front of the house line and road/path/byway.
  • Restrictions will apply to listed buildings, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and conservation areas.

11. Can you provide me with up-to-date offers on your products?

We would love to. Simply fill in your address details, including a contact telephone number and email address, on our brochure request page. We also run monthly and seasonal promotions which are sent to you via e-newsletter. You can expect a call from us to ensure brochure delivery, but we do not hound you with nuisance calls.

12. Can I buy my building online?

Only if the building is a mobile one. All other buildings require a more personal touch. We want to offer an enjoyable experience buying from us, so we are keen to give you advice from early design through to final installation. Rarely are two buildings the same so each deserves our full commitment, ensuring you get exactly what you require.