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The Cheltenham Gold range – for the discerning professional

The crème de la crème of stables, the Cheltenham Gold range is one of the best on the market, anywhere. For a high-quality, sectional timber stable that is going to last, you won’t find better than the Cheltenham Gold. You get what you pay for with this one, gaining a stable that is designed and built to last. If you want to enjoy quality time using your yard, with very little maintenance needed, the Cheltenham Gold is for you.

Made to our exacting standards, you know the Cheltenham Gold range will be of the very highest quality. The walls are at least five inches thick, with half-inch thick ply on the inside and 22mm cladding on the outside – this is the kind of cladding you would use on a house, so horses will be cosy and comfortable inside. If you’re a professional user and you know exactly what you want from a stable, you will be wowed by the Cheltenham Gold.

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What do our clients think?

Key benefits of the
Cheltenham Gold range

These are the main reasons why our clients choose the Cheltenham Gold range:

Thicker (22mm) shiplap cladding

  • Longer lasting
  • 90% thicker than other stable ranges
  • Less prone to movement or shaking


½” ply lining to eaves in tack rooms

  • Shelves and racking can be fitted directly to walls
  • A tidier look
  • Ply comes with a flat, smooth face that can be easily painted


¾” ply kickboards to eaves in loose boxes

  • Thicker, stronger kickboards for greater impact resistance
  • Lined to eaves to prevent chewing of the framework, increasing stable lifespan
  • Creates an anti-racking effect to resist large horses rubbing on outer walls

Lined front canopy

  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • Canopy vents to allow airflow


Joinery casement doors to tack rooms

  • Stronger joinery door for security
  • 5-lever mortice lock, which is insurance grade
  • Lower maintenance and looks more aesthetically pleasing


Channel chewstrips on door frames

  • Completely surrounds the whole door frame
  • Protects shiplap against horse damage
  • Added strength

Is the Cheltenham Gold range right for you?

Our stables cater to different horse owners, so one of our ranges will be perfect for you. We have put together a brief guide comparing our ranges so that you can scan through the important points and make sure you are going to get everything you need from your stable.

A convenient design
and build process

Our in-house CAD designers are here to make the design and build of your Cheltenham Gold stable smooth and simple. We work in conjunction with you to ensure your stable is everything you want it to be, so just tell us your specifications and fill us in about your horses and we will do the rest. Let us know if you train, teach, need a manège, want a tack room… It is all possible with Cheltenham Gold.

The design process

Discerning horse owners recognise the quality
of a Cheltenham Gold stable

Choose Cheltenham Gold, and you’re choosing a stable that can last a lifetime. We have 35 years of experience in this industry and we have put everything we know into this beautiful stable range, making sure it has all the features you could want or need for yourself and for your horses.

Find out about the National Timber Buildings brand and our commitment to quality.

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