• Tanalised ® timber
  • Heavy-duty, galvanised steel skis for mobile stables and shelters
  • 4×2’’ roof purlins in prefabricated steel joist hangers

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Mobile stables and field shelters for sale

If you require a portable horse shelter, our mobile field shelters and stables are the ideal choice. These wooden structures will be manufactured according to your specific needs, making sure that everything is in place for your horse or horses. Unlike an ‘off-the-shelf’ mobile shelter for horses, our bespoke approach prevents you from having to compromise.

  • 18-foot mobile field shelter

    Find the perfect field shelter for your horses, providing the protection they need from the elements.
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  • 24-foot mobile field shelter

    Choose a mobile field shelter with room for multiple horses or for storage. This is a highly versatile choice.
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  • 36-foot mobile field shelter

    For equestrians with multiple horses, these field shelters provide an elegant solution under one roof.
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  • Bespoke mobile field shelters

    Create the right mobile field shelter for your unique requirements. You can rely on us to tick every box.
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Quick, simple, and sturdy –
everything you need a mobile field shelter to be

Our portable field shelters and stables are all manufactured to the same high quality as our permanent stables, but they are fully mobile and are easy to tow and move around. They are ideal for any horse owner needing shelter in a paddock, temporary stabling, or a mobile solution that can be moved between fields. All timber is fully Tanalised® for protection and longevity, meaning your mobile field shelter can easily last just as long as a fixed wooden horse stable. Our field shelters now also include front guttering as standard.

Planning permission for mobile field shelters

If your issue is planning permission, why not opt for a mobile stable or timber shelter? In most instances, a mobile field shelter won’t require planning permission. This is a great way of being able to have stabling in places where you wouldn’t be able to install a permanent yard, such as land in a National Park, or land surrounding a listed building. Talk to our expert team on 01233 740944 and we can help you find the ideal option for you and your horses.


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Special offer: Stable planning drawings for just £99+vat

We’re excited to offer a special promotion. For just £99+VAT, you can get drawings of the elevations, floor plans, and roof plans. This is a significant saving from our usual price of £250+VAT.

Enquire Today: Ready to begin your stable project? Contact us at National Timber Buildings, and let’s bring your vision to life with the perfect balance of compliance, quality, and affordability.

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    Roofing and guttering for our mobile field shelters

    Our mobile field shelters include front guttering as standard, ensuring that suitable drainage is in place for rainwater. If required, rear guttering can also be added as an upgrade. When it comes to roofing materials, the Onduline roofing that we use is durable and low maintenance. If you wish to extend the lifespan of this roofing, roof lining can be added. This prevents sagging and adds insulation so that the mobile field shelter is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. There are also a number of alternative roofing options that we can provide, including felt tiles, slates, and clay tiles. To discuss these further with a member of our team, give us a call on 01233 740948.

    The benefits of our mobile field shelters for horses

    With more than 40 years’ experience in the industry, our mobile field shelters and stables benefit from decades of expertise. Explore some of the features of our wooden field shelters to understand exactly why we’re the right choice to meet your requirements.

    • Adjustable stable door hinges

      Being able to easily adjust the stable doors makes our mobile field stables versatile and low maintenance. If the need ever arises to alter the position of your stable doors, you’ll easily be able to carry out this task.

    • 4×2” roof purlins in prefabricated steel joist hangers

      We combine the longevity of Tanalised® timber with the strength of steel joist hangers within the roof construction of all our mobile field shelters. This provides durability and increased wind and snow loading.

    • Galvanised, barred stable windows with sliding Perspex cover

      These windows are low maintenance and highly durable. The sliding cover lets you regulate the level of ventilation throughout the year, ensuring your horse remains comfortable within the mobile field shelter.

    • Roof lining

      You can choose to add additional roof lining to extend the lifespan of your mobile field shelter’s Onduline roof. The lining prevents the Onduline from sagging and helps to add insulation, making it warmer in winter.

    • Tanalised® timber

      We only use high-quality Tanalised® timber to ensure that our mobile filed shelters are as durable as possible. The Tanalisation process protects against insects and fungal decay, providing a quality result.

    • Stable ventilation

      A louvre stable vent will be incorporated within the build to improve airflow. We will position this up high beneath the canopy to prevent wind-driven rain from being able to enter the mobile field stable.

    Heavy-duty, galvanised steel skis for mobile stables and shelters

    Unlike many other companies, we only supply galvanised steel skis on our mobile field shelters. This means they are coated and won’t rust, so they could easily last in the region of 30-40 years.

    The preparation for the process involves:

    • An inspection
    • Degreasing
    • Pickling
    • Fluxing

    During the process, the material is loaded onto jigs before being immersed in molten zinc at a temperature of around 450°C. This reacts with the surface to create zinc/iron alloys. Afterwards, the zinc solidifies and any excess is removed to produce a smooth finish. This hot-dip galvanisation process meets EN ISO 1461 standard and is manufactured by a trusted CE-accredited supplier who we have worked with for 20+ years.

    This ensures the very best results are achieved when galvanising. A centrifuge/spin galvanising process may also be used if this will be more suitable, giving you optimum protection for your mobile field shelter. If you have any questions about our mobile field shelters and how they could benefit you, we will be happy to help. Please call 01233 740944 or email

    Mobile horse field stables that are built to last

    Mobile stables can be moved to suit your needs. Using a tractor or a 4×4, your mobile stable can be relocated to a different field, paddock, or horse yard. Due to their robust construction, you can have complete confidence when transporting your mobile shelter – the galvanised steel skis that we use are highly durable and will last for years. Investing in a mobile stable on skids is ideal for horse owners who may not own the land where their horses are kept or would struggle to receive planning permission for a permanent structure. With more than 40 years’ experience, our mobile shelters are constructed to the highest standard.

    Our design process for your mobile field shelter

    We have in-house CAD designers who will take you through the whole process, so whether you need an 18-, 24- or 36-foot mobile field shelter, we can help. Stop looking for generic mobile field shelters for sale and start thinking about your own design. These are some of the features you can select with one of our bespoke mobile field shelters:

    • Guttering
    • Gates
    • Stable door conversion kits
    • Double doors
    • Increased eaves height
    • Rooflights
    • Personal door
    • Winter pack


    Quality through and through with mobile field shelters from National Timber Buildings

    We have more than 40 years of industry experience and we have shaped our processes to ensure the best results, each and every time. Our team members work together to make sure every structure we build is perfect for the horse owner and the space they have.

    Find out more about us and learn why quality matters so much in everything that we do.


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    What is the difference between a field shelter and a mobile field shelter?

    There are two key differences to consider when decided which type of field shelter you require:

    • Will you need to move it?

      A mobile field shelter is built on metal skis, allowing the shelter to be repositioned. This makes them the ideal option if your horses rotate through different fields or if you would struggle to receive planning permission for a fixed stable on your field.

    • Will you need to extend it?

      A field shelter can be extended in the future, but a mobile field shelter cannot. If you’re a novice equestrian with a fixed field shelter, knowing that you can extend this structure as your needs evolve over time can give you peace of mind.

    Not sure which of our stables will suit you best?

    Download our comparison table and see a summary of features for each stable.

    How much are Mobile Field Shelters

    10’x12′ (3m x 3.6m) £2,330 + VAT
    10’x18′ (3m x 5.4m) £2,970 + VAT
    10’x24′ (3m x7.2m) £3,750 + VAT
    10’x36′ (3m x 10.8m) £5,740 + VAT
    12’x12′ (3.6m x 3.6m) £2,610 + VAT
    12’x18′ (3.6m x 5.4m) £3,330 + VAT
    12’x24′ (3.6m x 7.2m) £4,380 + VAT
    12’x36′ (3.6m x 10.8m) £6,520 + VAT
    Optional Extras
    Dividing wall £270 + VAT
    Chewstrips to apertures £85 + VAT
    Rear guttering (12’/18’/24’/36′) £80/£110/£140/£190 + VAT
    Rooflights £65 + VAT
    6′ Timber field gate £210 + VAT
    Stable door conversion kit £480 + VAT
    4×2 framing £150 + VAT (PER 12′ RUN)
    8′ eaves height £150 + VAT (PER 12′ RUN)

    How much are Mobile Field Stables

    12’x12′ (3.6m x 3.6m) £3,190 + VAT
    12’x24′ (3.6m x 7.2m) £5,140 + VAT
    12’x30′ (stable & tack room) (3.6m x 9.1m) £6,190 + VAT
    12’x36′ (3.6m x 10.8m) £7,160 + VAT
    Optional Extras
    Rear guttering (12’/18’/24’/36′) £80/£110/£140/£190 + VAT
    Rooflights £65 + VAT
    4×2 framing £150 + VAT (PER 12′ RUN)
    8′ eaves height £150 + VAT (PER 12′ RUN)
    Chewstrips to apertures £65 + VAT
    Talk grill £150 + VAT

    *Subject to geographical restrictions. Additional delivery costs may apply outside of the home counties.

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