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Wooden carport for sale

Discover the ideal wooden carport for sale with more than 40 years of industry experience. We specialise in manufacturing bespoke wooden carports UK tailored to your specific needs. Shelter your vehicle from the elements and enhance your property’s appearance with our custom-designed solutions. Unlike standard ‘off-the-shelf’ options, our carports allow no need to compromise on style or functionality.

  • Single-bay carports

    Our single-bay carport provides exceptional protection for your vehicle, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. Ideal for most homes across the UK, this car port UK ensures your vehicle stays protected in style. Perfect for those seeking effective yet stylish carports for sale.
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  • Double-bay carports

    Double-bay carports are excellent for households with two cars, offering ample space to shelter both vehicles simultaneously. Alternatively, the extra bay can serve as a practical storage solution, ideal for logs or tools. Explore our range of wood carports UK to find the perfect double-bay option.
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  • Triple-bay carports

    For those with multiple vehicles, our triple-bay carports provide extensive space, allowing you to cover three cars under one roof. This configuration is not only perfect for larger families but also offers significant additional storage space.
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  • Bespoke carports

    Tailor a wooden carport to your exact preferences with our bespoke service. Whether you’re a vehicle enthusiast or need a custom solution, our wooden carport builders are here to craft the perfect structure for you. Discuss wooden carport ideas and wooden carport designs with us to ensure your needs are met, considering even wooden car ports cost to keep your project on budget.
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Timber carports – never de-ice
your car again

Wooden car ports are a popular choice in the UK, ideal for combating the ever-changing weather conditions. With our customisable wooden carports UK, you can choose the design and layout that best fits your needs, ensuring your car is protected no matter the weather. Opt for a single, double, or triple bay depending on your requirements, whether for a 4×4, everyday vehicle, or additional storage space.

We use only the highest quality, treated timber in constructing your wooden carport, ensuring it not only meets but exceeds your expectations in both appearance and functionality. The beauty of a wooden carport is evident not just in its aesthetic appeal but also in its practicality, offering unmatched quality on all levels. Each wooden carport for sale is designed to add value and functionality to your property, making your life easier and your mornings frost-free.

Why Choose Us for Your Wooden Carport and More

Why select us for your wooden carport for sale and other timber structures? Here are compelling reasons to choose our services for wooden carports UK and beyond:

  • Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship

    From wooden carports to wooden workshops UK, we provide structures crafted with the highest quality, treated timber. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each wooden carport not only meets but exceeds your expectations in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal.

  • Custom Solutions Tailored to You

    Whether you’re looking for a wooden carport Kent or bespoke wooden stables UK, our range of products is designed to suit your specific needs. We offer a variety of layouts and designs, including single, double, and triple bay carports, tailored workshops, and stables that fit seamlessly with your property’s layout and style. Request more information

  • Experience and Reliability

    With decades of experience in the industry, our expertise in building wooden carports UK and more is unmatched. We understand the nuances of British weather and craft our structures to offer maximum protection and functionality.

  • Support Local Craftsmanship

    Choosing our wooden carport for sale means supporting British craftsmanship. All our timber structures, including wooden workshops UK and wooden stables UK, are made using sustainably sourced materials, supporting local industries and reducing environmental impact.

  • Comprehensive Services

    From initial design consultation to after-sales support, our team is dedicated to providing a seamless service experience. We handle everything in-house, ensuring that every wooden car ports, workshop, and stable meets our stringent quality standards.

    Choose us to ensure your investment in a wooden carport not only enhances the functionality of your property but also contributes to the aesthetic and economic value of your home.

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    What our customers say

    What are the benefits of timber-frame carports?

    • Better ventilation

      With open sides, a carport has better ventilation than a garage. This will let your vehicle dry naturally and protect it from damp.

    • Completely customisable

      We’ll bring your vision to life with any number of bays and any additional timber structures you’d like us to incorporate.

    • Unlikely to need planning consent

      For most wooden carports you won’t require planning permission. Read more about planning consent on our blog.

    • Excellent shelter and protection

      Carports provide vehicles with valuable protection and help stop them freezing over in cold weather. They are convenient and practical.

    • Fully Tanalised® timber

      Tanalisation adds extra protection to the high-quality timber that we use, preventing damage from fungus or insect attacks.

    Open-bay or closed-bay timber car ports?

    When designing your wooden carport, you have a choice between open or closed bays. Not only will this dramatically influence the appearance of your car port, but each option will also provide its own unique benefits for you to enjoy.

    • Open bays

      Choosing an open-bay design provides the ultimate in convenience. You’ll be able to drive your car in and out with ease, ensuring that it’s always easy to place it under shelter. Open bays also have a unique, airy appearance that can contribute to making your wooden carport into one of your home’s most distinct features.

    • Closed bays

      Closed bays provide plenty of privacy and security. Having an enclosed storage space is the ideal way to keep your vehicle, log store, or equipment out of sight, giving you the peace of mind that they’re protected from the elements and from prying eyes. A closed-bay carport has a sleek, uniform style that will add timeless appeal to any property.

    Oak or soft wood frontage?

    Your choice of material will make a noticeable difference to your carport’s aesthetic. We only use the highest quality, Tanalised® timber to ensure that your wooden carport is durable and can withstand the elements. You then have a choice regarding the type of timber to use for the frontage. Oak is a classic option that appeals to any fan of timber construction, whilst also providing excellent strength and longevity. This makes it the ideal frontage choice, ensuring that your wooden carport will retain its beautiful appearance and will continue making a positive difference to your property’s aesthetic.

    Lightweight roofing for your wooden carport

    We use Onduline roofing for our timber carports. This material is strong, lightweight, and offers exceptional water resistance, making it the ideal choice for roofing. We accompany our Onduline roofs with lining so that they resist sagging over time and can be relied on to have a longer lifespan. Roof lining also adds a layer of insulation, making the carport warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Another useful benefit is noise absorption – the sounds of heavy rainfall or birds walking around above are dampened, ensuring that your carport provides the shelter you need without being an inconvenient source of noise on your property.

    Wood carports – UK-wide protection for your vehicle

    Wherever you are based in the UK, a timber carport can give your vehicle the protection it needs for your complete peace of mind. Make sure your carport is everything you want it to be by asking us to design it for you. If you already have your own ideas, let us know and we will make sure we incorporate them into your design. Your carport can be any size that you need it to be, and if you have any planning restrictions our expert designers can work around them.


    Our design process

    A quality construction process for quality wooden carports

    Our wooden carports and timber frame carports have all the hallmarks of quality, which comes from our 40 years in the industry. We have spent this time honing our construction methods, yet they are still rooted in tradition – we know exactly what works, and we stick to it.

    See how quality governs every area of our business and each construction process.

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