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If you need more space to work or run your business, but don’t want the hassle of moving premises, a timber workshop is an attractive option. However, with so many different options available it can be difficult to know which one will suit your needs best. Timber workshops are flexible and versatile structures that can be used for anything from craft studios to garages and garden offices. A timber workshop in Berkshire will give you the extra space you need without having to move house. We will work closely with you throughout the design and build process – you’ll be enjoying your bespoke timber workshop before you know it!

Our team of experts will create a bespoke timber workshop structure that is tailored specifically for your needs. Whether this is storage, office space or something else entirely, we’ll help ensure that your building works perfectly for its intended purpose.

Call 01233 740944 or send an email to info@nationalstables.co.uk today to tell our team about your timber workshop needs in Berkshire.

Designed to meet your needs – bespoke timber
workshops in Berkshire

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At National Timber Buildings, we will work with you to design and build a bespoke workshop that meets your specifications perfectly. We can even help if the space is limited, or specific measurements must be met. With years of experience designing and building timber workshops, we have everything it takes to ensure every aspect of the project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Our team will work with you throughout the process so that your customised timber workshop is exactly what you want it to be! From initial planning through to construction and completion, our experienced staff are there every step of the way. We’ll make sure all aspects go as planned and will meet any additional needs along the way. We offer high-quality timber workshops that provide excellent value, no matter how big or small they are.

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    Do we build timber workshops in your town within Berkshire?

    Whether you want us to design and build your new timber workshop or if you already have plans drawn up, our experienced carpenters will ensure the job gets done quickly and efficiently – below is a list of the towns we have most frequently visited in Berkshire.

    Reading Slough Bracknell Maidenhead Wokingham
    Newbury Woodley Windsor Thatcham Sandhurst
    Crowthorne Ascot Twyford Wraysbury Sunninghill
    Burghfield Common Sunningdale Cookham Hungerford Datchet

    The benefits of our timber
    workshops in Berkshire

    Timber workshops in Berkshire are a great way to add value and storage space to your property. However, there is a risk that an inexperienced builder won’t be able to produce results that last for the long term.

    We have been building timber workshops in Berkshire for more than 40 years and we know how to build them right. Our team of experts can help you choose the best timber workshop design for your needs, while our experienced tradesmen make sure it’s built with high quality materials and installed properly so that it lasts many decades longer than other options available on the market today. Call 01233 740944 or send an email to info@nationalstables.co.uk today!

    A quality construction process for timber workshops in Berkshire

    Our extensive knowledge of the industry means we can offer expert advice on what type of timber workshop would be best suited to your needs in Berkshire. We are always happy to help our clients find the right solution, so they get exactly what they want from us in Berkshire.

    You won’t find anyone better than us when it comes to constructing quality workshops made from wood in Berkshire. We have been working within this industry for over 40 years, which has given us plenty of time to perfect our techniques and produce results that really pay off for our clients every single time in Berkshire.

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    35+ years’ experience producing
    timber workshops in Berkshire

    We at National Timber Buildings have been producing timber buildings for more than 40 years now. Our experience means we can offer expert advice on all aspects of building with timber, from design through to construction and beyond. We doe everything we can to provide the best possible experience for our customers in Berkshire.

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    Industry-leading products.

    Our workshops are assembled with quality components that allow them to withstand even the harshest conditions for many years. We offer industry leading products at affordable prices so you can get exactly what you need without breaking your budget or sacrificing quality.

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    Quality control.

    Our team will plan out every step of the process for you, from finding materials and suppliers right through to installation and maintenance. We’ll make sure that your workshop meets all industry standards and complies with local regulations. If there are any problems along the way, we’ll be on hand to address them immediately.

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    Our bespoke timber workshops are manufactured by hand using traditional joinery methods which means they will stand up to years of use under demanding conditions. All our buildings are designed with longevity in mind, meaning they can be easily maintained or extended if needed, ensuring minimal down time between uses on site.

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    Where in Berkshire and the surrounding areas have we installed timber workshops


    Over the years we have installed timber workshops all over Berkshire, including:

    • Hogwood Road, Finch Hamstead
    • Lutmans Haven, Knowl Hill
    • Upper Lambourn, Hungerford
    • Farley Hill
    • Cheekendon
    • Forrest Road, Binfield
    • Mortimer, Reading
    • Kingsclere, Newbury
    • Sandy Lane, Tadley
    • Tutts Clump, Reading
    • Redhatch Drive, Earley, Reading
    • Wellingtonia Avenue, Crowthorne
    • Wilson Close, Newbury
    • Stanford Dingley, Reading
    • Hopgoods Green, Bucklebury, Reading
    • Blandys Lane, Upper Basildon
    • High Street, Newbury
    • Kiln Hill, Upper Basildon