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Peace and quiet in your secluded workshop – sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Have you always fancied the convenience of a wooden workshop based in your garden? Perhaps you need more space to run your business, and a workshop would be the perfect solution? Our versatile timber workshops are the answer, giving you a separate spot to work and a dedicated building to use however you need. The quality Tanalised® timber that will form the structure of your workshop is low maintenance and high performance, protecting you against fungus or insect infestations. The ultimate quality comes from the design, which is carefully prepared in close consultation with you, to ensure your needs will be fully met by the workshop we create.

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    Wooden workshop buildings
    designed for you

    When searching for wooden workshops for sale, you may come across prebuilt options that aren’t quite what you need. Our wooden workshops are all designed and built to suit your specifications, so whether you need a large wooden workshop, or a smaller garden workshop that will fit into a designated space, we can make it happen.

    Often, a workshop will not require planning consent. Find out more on our blog.

    See how we can help you through the design process and ensure that your workshop is everything you want it to be.


    Our design process


    If you have any questions about our wooden workshops, we will be happy to help you.
    Please call 01233 740944 or email info@nationalstables.co.uk.

    The benefits of
    wooden workshops

    Roof lining as standard

    • A more consistent temperature
    • Prevents Onduline roofing sagging
    • Increases life expectancy


    4×2” Tanalised® framing and corner bracings as standard

    • Gives increased strength
    • 24” for maximum strength, with 600mm centres
    • Decreases lateral movement



    • Doors include heavy-duty, galvanised fixtures and fittings

    Tanalised® timber as standard

    • Protects against fungal decay and insect attack
    • Minimum grade C16 timbers for framing and rafters
    • CLS – rounded, smooth corners for a better appearance
    • Shiplap cladding – 5th grade or better


    5×2” roof purlins in prefabricated steel joist hangers

    • Gives increased wind and snow loading
    • Tanalised® for a longer lifespan
    • Steel joist hangers will give additional roof strength

    What do our clients think?

    Wooden workshops, traditionally crafted

    You will see the quality of our wooden workshops instantly, and how our 40 years of industry experience pay off for our clients. We have spent lots of time perfecting our construction methods, yet they are still traditional, producing superior aesthetics and ensuring you have a workshop you can be proud of.


    Find out more about our quality-driven processes.


    About us

    How much are Workshops

    9’x12′ (2.7m x 3.6m) £2,250 + VAT
    9’x18′ (2.7m x 5.4m) £2,920 + VAT
    9’x24′ (2.7m x 7.2m) £3,420 + VAT
    9’x30′ (2.7m x 9.1m) £4,120 + VAT
    9’x36′ (2.7m x 10.8m) £4,860 + VAT
    12’x12′ (3.6m x 3.6m) £2,690 + VAT
    12’x18′ (3.6m x 5.4m) £3,320 + VAT
    12’x24′ (3.6m x 7.2m) £3,860 + VAT
    12’x30′ (3.6m x 9.1m) £4,420 + VAT
    12’x36′ (3.6m x 10.8m) £5,090 + VAT
    16’x18′ (4.8m x 5.4m) £3,780 + VAT
    16’x24′ (4.8m x 7.2m) £4,260 + VAT
    16’x30′ (4.8m x 9.1m) £4,990 + VAT
    16’x36′ (4.8m x 10.8m) £5,750 + VAT
    18’x18′ (5.4m x 5.4m) £3,990 + VAT
    18’x24′ (5.4m x 7.2m) £4,670 + VAT
    18’x30′ (5.4m x 9.1m) £5,290 + VAT
    18’x36′ (5.4m x 10.8m) £5,990 + VAT

    *Subject to geographical restrictions. Additional delivery costs may apply outside of the home counties.

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