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Keeping a horse incurs certain expenses that you need to budget for, and whilst building a stable is one of these expenses, it also doesn’t need to break the bank. If you know where to look, you can find competitively priced stables that are the perfect first-time purchase.

Buy cheap, buy twice – getting value for money

As stable experts with more than 40 years’ experience, we know what we’re talking about when it comes to quality. We have our own philosophy that we pass on to our clients: if you buy too cheap, you buy twice. Building stables is about striking the right balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. Stables don’t have to break the bank, but at the same time, they are an investment. You need to spend enough to get a quality product that will last you for many years to come – this saves you money in the long run.

With little experience, it can be difficult to know how to find this balance. There are many DIY stable options available on the market, but building high-quality stables yourself is never going to be a walk in the park. And if you’re new to horse care and looking for your perfect first stable, it’s almost impossible to know whether these flat-pack options will be right for your animals.

How to build cheap horse stables – a guide to getting the right stables for you

If you are looking for cheaper stabling options that still deliver on quality, these are some of the things to look out for:

  • Tanalised® timber. This is a way of treating timber that protects it from fungal decay and insect attacks, meaning it will be more resilient and will last longer. Even if you are looking for cheap stables, they should use tantalised timber.
  • A design service. Expert stable design services are invaluable, ensuring you get exactly what you need depending on how many horses you own and how big they are. A stable designer will be able to give you advice on the features you will need, just from talking to you and finding out about your circumstances. Stable building services that include design represent excellent value for money.
  • The option to expand your stables over time. If you choose a DIY stable kit, there will be very little you can do to expand and improve it if you get more horses or need to alter the layout. Choosing a bespoke entry-level stable gives you the option to add to it and tweak it as your circumstances change, so if you need more loose boxes, a tack room, or an integral hay barn, these can be added as required. This save you paying out for a whole new stable block.
  • Good ventilation. This is important for keeping timber in good condition and it’s essential for the health of your horses as well. Make sure any stable option that you are considering has adequate ventilation available. Having high quality and reliable stable doors installed will also help provide plentiful barn ventilation. They will let out hot air during the summer to keep fresh air constantly circulating.

How much should I expect to pay when looking for cheap horse stables?

Remember, buying too cheap is a false economy. Don’t be lured in by super-low prices – you’ll end up needing new stabling far too soon for this approach to be worthwhile.

These are the prices that our low-cost stables start from:

Loose box units: from £2,050

Corner units: from £2,420

Tack rooms: from £1,040

Integral hay barns: from £1,350

See all our prices – find stables that offer true value for money.

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The Novice range – excellent value for money

Our Novice stable range is perfect for first-time horse owners and for housing smaller animals, up to 16 hands in size. It offers simple, low-cost stabling, but it’s also the same high quality as the rest of our stable ranges, so you have nothing to lose. Your stable will be designed by our in-house team, allowing you to get exactly what you need out of your stable.

The Novice stable range at a glance

These are the standard features you will find with our entry-level stables:

Galvanised, steel mesh windows with sliding Perspex covers

This will regulate ventilation all year round.

Tanalised® timber

All our stables use tantalised timber as standard, protecting against fungal decay and insect attacks. We also use a minimum of grade C16 timber for framing and rafters, 5th grade shiplap cladding (or better), and Canadian lumber standard (CLS) timber with rounded corners to give a more premium appearance.

4’ front canopy and stable ventilation

Our 4’ front canopies will give your horses protection from rain and direct sunlight. A louvre stable vent will be positioned high up, underneath the canopy. This gives increased ventilation whilst protecting against wind-driven rain.

Stables that are good value for money

The Novice range provides excellent features for very reasonable prices. It’s a low-cost option that also delivers on quality, striking the perfect balance for many horse owners.

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