The summer months are great for both horses and owners alike. Spending as much time out of the stable as possible and roaming around playing with friends is ideal for a horses’ physical and mental wellbeing. Meanwhile, owners can enjoy spending less time mucking out the stables and washing muddy horses, and instead, enjoy more evening hacks and quality time with their best friend. However, when temperatures soar to dangerous levels, it is necessary to stable a horse to protect them from the direct heat of the sun and the associated risks that overheating and prolonged sun exposure can cause them.

We look at some of the best ways to keep your wooden stables cool, creating comfortable living quarters during the heat of the summer.

A well-considered location works wonders

If you are building a new stable, make sure you consider its location wisely as the location of a stable can have considerable impact on keeping the interior cool. If possible, site your stable near large trees so that the structure will be shaded throughout the day. Plus, it would be beneficial to build your stables in an area that tends to get a breeze on summer days. Air will flow through the stable more easily when you have the windows and doors open.

It is also important to consider the position of your stable in terms of electricity and water supply. The closer your stable is to existing water and electricity supplies, the cheaper and easier it will be. Running a new pipe and new cabling can bump up costs quite a bit. Easy access also means that your horses can enjoy the benefits of electric fans in their stable when needing to cool off and the benefits of being near a fresh water supply speaks for itself.

Ventilation is vital

One of the simplest ways to keep your stable cool during the summer is to open the windows and doors to create good airflow throughout. If your stable has doors on either side of the structure, open them both to let the air pass through from one end to the other. If you are building a new stable, adding in plenty of windows will ensure there is abundant ventilation in the stable year-round. You can also achieve this through quality stable doors, adequate roof height, and air vents.

Fans are also ideal for circulating fresh, cooler air throughout the stables, as well as pushing warm air out of the building. Just make sure cables are out of reach. Why not securely fasten an electric fan to the eves above your horse’s door (out of reach), and tack the power cord along the door line and outside the stable wall to the nearest socket? That way, your horse can choose to move in and out of the air stream. It will also keep the flies out!

Without proper ventilation, a stables interior can become humid and full of condensation. Fans are effective at preventing this from happening. Plus, horses will be kept comfortable and cool when it is super-hot outside.

Insulate the structure

When it comes to regulating the temperature inside your barn, insulation is key. While many people think of insulation to keep a building warmer during wintertime, it can also help to keep your building cooler during the summer. Insulation acts as a heat deflector, preventing heat from transferring through the walls. The better insulation your stable has, the less heat that will travel through the walls, and the cooler your stable will be.

On top of that, insulation is important if you store items in your stable that can be damaged by severe heat. Adding insulation to a barns’ roof, floor, or walls will work wonders when it comes to preventing stifling air from entering the structure.

At National Timber Buildings, quality materials are important to us. Our stable ranges offer the best in heat protection and ventilation including:

  • Galvanised, steel mesh windows with sliding Perspex cover – great for regulating ventilation throughout the year.
  • 4’ front canopy to offer protection from direct sun.
  • Stable ventilation – louvre stable vent positioned high up underneath the canopy for increased airflow.
  • Onduline roofing – creating a cooler environment in summer. Ideal for providing shade and when paired with windows, creates the perfect breeze!
  • If the stable walls get direct sun on them, we can extend kickboards up to the eaves for better thermal insulation

A hot stable can be just as damaging as being out in the field in the middle of the day, so it is well worth making some changes/additions to keep your horses as cool as possible while they are stabled due to heat. Check out our full range of stables to find out what we can offer. Our handy stable comparison table will help you decide which range is right for your needs too.

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