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We have stables for every type of horse owner, whether you have one or two small ponies or an entire livery yard’s worth of professional racehorses. Just because ponies are on the small side, it doesn’t mean they do not need a suitable environment to live and shelter.  As a household name in the UK timber building market, we are able to custom make the perfect wooden structure for your pony or horse by using only quality Tanalised® timber and designing your stable from scratch. Here are our considerations for crafting the perfect stable for your pony.

Like horses, ponies will need shelter from the elements as their coats are not particularly thick. A sturdy stable will protect them from the cold, damp and windy weather as well as the hot summer sun.  Plus, your pony will need stabling if they become sick or injured. Here at National Timber Buildings, we work hard to understand our client’s exact needs and make sure each and every person finds the perfect stable for their equine friend.

Our Novice stable range is ideal for smaller horses up to 16 hands and makes the perfect first stable. Whilst the Novice range is simple, it is by no means any lower in quality; we use the same grade of materials that we use for all our stable ranges. You don’t need to worry about outgrowing your stable, either. If you find that you need a bigger stable with additional features as time goes on, you can easily add to and develop your Novice boxes.

Can ponies share a stable?

It depends! As long as the stable is big enough and they are happy share space and food, then there is no reason ponies can’t share a stable. However, while we’d love to assume that all ponies would be happier being in with another good friend, this isn’t always the case, particularly when it comes to mealtimes!  

If one pony starts to dominate the other and eat the majority of the food, then sharing may not be for them. Keep an eye on them and if they start to fight or one pony isn’t getting their share of dinner if so, you may need to separate. Plus, the stable will not be a pretty sight in the morning with two ponies sharing so be prepared for double the mucking out!

What about pasture? The number of ponies that should ideally be grazing on a piece of pastureland or acreage varies according to several factors including, soil type, type of grass, ground conditions, weather conditions, the time of year, how well the pasture has been previously managed, how long the horses are turned out for etc. However, as a general rule of thumb, each pony or horse should have about one and a half acres of grazing for the first horse/pony and one acre for each horse or pony after that. You also need to allow pasture to be rested for at least six weeks, twice a year so be sure to build that into your planning.

It is also important that in muddy conditions, a pony has a well-drained area in the pasture on which to stand and lie down and where he can be fed and watered.

Remember, keep fields clear of dangerous objects and poisonous plants as they can be extremely toxic to horses and ponies. They should not have access to these (or their clippings) at any time. Poisonous plants could be hiding in grass or hedge clippings so they should never have access to them.

Fence heights for pony and horse pastures. The height of fences will depend on the type of horse you have. The British Horse Society (BHS) recommends that fences should be 1.25cm (4ft) high, more specifically:

  • Horses 1.08m to 1.38m (3ft 6in to 4ft 6in)
  • Ponies: 1m to 1.3m (3ft 3in to 4ft 3in)

Lower rail (ponies and horses): 0.5m (1ft 6in) above ground.

Check out our entire stable range. We make everything bespoke, so your stable meets the needs of your pony or horse perfectly.

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